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And Jesus said, "... go and make disciples in all the nations ... Matt 28:19 (TLB)
Son-Flower Laity Renewal is a Christian organization of lay witnesses devoted to assisting pastors in spreading the good news of lives changed by Jesus Christ. The witnesses come from many church backgrounds and are united in purpose by the love of Jesus and their love for others. Son-Flower Laity provides teams of lay witness adults and youth to come alongside the pastor and staff to join with him or her in the equipping of the congregation to serve Jesus Christ and each other.

 Blessings and Benefits to the Pastor
and Congregation
  • People are touched by the loving presence and gentle encouragement of the Holy Spirit.
  • The sharing of the witnesses' testimonies helps the congregation learn to verbalize their own faith journey.
  • People consider their own personal relationship with Jesus and learn how others have found a closer walk with Him.
  • New passion to serve the Lord is kindled.
  • Love within the congregation is increased as people share their hearts and burdens with each other.
  • People are encouraged to pray more as they learn of God's answers to others.
  • A new sense of commitment prompts people to become more involved in the ministry of the church.

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